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Johnson fitness and wellness have been in the fitness industry for a very long time. While watching athletes using their equipment, they realized that the work doesn’t stop after the fitness routine does. Johnson Wellness wanted to create an innovative massage chair that not only benefits athletes, but anyone that would need a massage.

Massage is beneficial for reducing back pain, encouraging muscle growth and recovery, and even boosting immunity. Johnson Wellness massage chairs focus on all of these aspects and many more. You will find that a Johnson massage chair is loaded with features such as zero gravity, bluetooth and 4D massage technology. The list of features goes on and on. They all ensure that you are going to get the ultimate relaxation experience.

While developing their innovative massage chairs, they wanted to focus on the outside as well as the mechanics. You will find that Johnson Wellness chairs feature sleek lines and highly durable materials, that create a massage chair that will last for many years. Refined engineering and design create a piece that is not so modern it seems out of place, not so traditional it feels stuck in the past. It’s a piece of tasteful, polished furniture you’ll be excited to show off.


Johnson Wellness Brand Massage Chairs

Model JP1100 4D Ultra Premium Kagra 4D Premium Jin Jin 2.0
Price $9,999.00 $4,999.99 $3,699.99 $2,999.99
Color Options Black, Brown, Cream Brown, White, Black Black, Espresso Black, Espresso
Massage Track S-Track S-Track L-Track L-Track
Massage Track Length 29" 30" 50" 51.25"
Space Saving No No No, 14" Clearance Yes, 2" Clearance
Back Roller Type 4D 4D 2D 2D
Roller Width Adjustment Yes No Yes Yes
Adjustable Intensity Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable Speed Yes No Yes Yes
Auto Pre-Programs 21 13 9 6
Manual Techniques -- 7 5 5
Zero Gravity No Yes Yes, 3-Stage Yes, 2 Stage
Heat Yes Yes Yes (Claves/Arms/Back) Yes (Lumbar)
Stretch Function Yes Yes Yes Yes
Foot Massage Yes (rollers+airbags) Yes (airbags) Yes (rollers + airbags) Yes (rollers + airbags)
Calf Massage Yes (airbags) Yes (airbags) Yes (rollers + airbags) Yes (airbags)
Hip/Waist Air Bag Massage Yes (airbags) Yes (airbags) Yes (airbags) Yes (airbags)
Upper Arm-Shoulder Massage Yes (airbags) Yes (airbags) Yes (airbags) Yes (airbags)
Arm Massage Yes (airbags) Yes (airbags) Yes (airbags) Yes (airbags)
Neck-Head Massage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spot Massage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Deep Tissue Yes Yes No Yes
Body Scan Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inversion Therapy No No No No
Chromotherapy No No No No
Vibration No No No No
User Memory Yes Yes No No
Control With Mobile App No No No No
Timer class="default"7-16-30 min 10-16-19 min 5-10-15-20-25-30 min 5-10-15-20-25-30 min
Pause Function Yes No Yes Yes
Leg Length Adjustment Motorized Spring Loaded-Reversable Spring Loaded Spring Loaded
Remote Yes, Wired Yes, Wired Yes, Wired Yes, Wired
Rocking Technology No No No No
Number of Airbags 31 31 42 20
Bluetooth Speakers No Yes No Yes
Suggested User Height 5'0" - 6'4'' 5'0"-6'2" 5'0"-6'5" 5'0"-6'5"
Max User Weight 300lbs 300lbs 300lbs 300lbs
Dimensions Upright (L x W x H) 49" x 30" x 54" 53.1" x 35.0" x 48.4" 54.75" x 32" x 49" 60.25" x 29.5" x 44"
Dimensions Reclined (L x W x H) 25" x 35" x 79" 73.6" x 35.0" x 36.6" 67.75" x 32" x 42.25" 68.5" x 28.5" x 35.5"
Chair Weight 171lbs 212 212l bs 246 lbs
Manufacturer Origin Japan China China China
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