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When making a life-enhancing investment in a modern massage chair, Inada massage chairs are the first you should check out. Inada has been creating world-class therapeutic massage chairs since 1962. That year Nichimu Inada created the first automatic shiatsu massage chair. Modern massage chairs are a cultural health product in Japan and Inada takes great pride in their craftsmanship. Much of their technological development is done in their main headquarters in Osaka. The main factory for these modern massage chairs is located in Nawa, a traditional small town in the Tottori prefecture of Japan.

Inada is the only company that has earned the title ‘The World's Best Massage Chair®’. Unequaled in therapeutic benefits and stress reduction, Inada massage chairs represent the perfect fusion of ancient shiatsu healing techniques and modern technology.

Inada massage chairs come in a variety of neutral colors that will allow them to blend seamlessly into your home and lifestyle. Many of the important features you will find available on every chair in the entire collection. Whether you are buying the lowest priced chair or the highest, you are going to ensure that you relaxation will be achieved with your purchase.

Inada’s mission is to continuously be the leaders in the industry, and contribute to society through “health”. With a perspective as of being a specialized manufacturer, they will continue to create products with a true value. Buying a modern massage chair is going to be a decision that you will wish you made many years ago.



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