Massage Chair Buying Guide

Committing to the purchase of a massage chair can be a stressful experience. It is a high priced item that includes many options and features in multiple brands and styles. Where to buy one, how to buy one and is it going to last long term, are common questions that consumers have. We are going to walk you through what to look for when you have decided to purchase a massage chair. We will also cover other concerns that arise with this kind of purchase..


On average a massage tends to cost $1 per minute for an entry level massage. Start looking at fancy spa locations and the price rapidly increases. There may be ways to get the price slightly cheaper through coupons and advertisements, but once you are a committed customer, the sales tend to disappear. You also need to consider that the first 5 to 10 minutes of your massage you are only starting to relax, not fully embracing the massage until around the 15 minute mark. So, your hour massage has just turned into 45 minutes of relaxation. Massage therapy is suggested to be beneficial when it occurs multiple times per week. This can create an expensive and highly time consuming process. The complete opposite of relaxing. The price of a massage chair can vary quite broadly depending on what you want. You can get a high quality chair easily for $4,000. Let’s say that you were going to have a 90 minute massage every week for a year. You would end up spending over $4600 and that’s on the $1 per minute estimation. Instead you could spend 15 minutes a day, every single day, in your massage chair. If you had an option to go to a spa for 15 minutes a day, even at $1 per minute, it would still be $105 a week and over $5400 for a year. You can get a pretty fancy massage chair for that money. A chair that would sit in the convenient location of your home or office.

Making the decision even easier we are more than happy to match any price you find across the web or in stores. We want to make sure that the price will fit in with your budget. Give us a call at 1-888-220-4068 and we can work out the best deal for you.


With price covered it is time to look at accessibility. Let’s travel back to the spa. You’ve found a popular place that has great therapists. Everything starts of well with the first few appointments, but you have to reschedule one and can’t get the time slot you need. Then you find out they’re closed on Sundays or close before you get off work. Now it is turning into a chore to even get an appointment. Finally, one day you wake up with a stiff neck and wonder if you can get in for a quick 20 to 30 minute session. Unfortunately, this popular massage place doesn’t have anything available, but they can see you next Tuesday. This problem instantly disappears when you have a massage chair in your home. You can jump in the quick for a quick 5 minute session before work. Even finish a long work day with a relaxing massage right in front of the television. When you make the decision to own a massage chair, you can have a massage whenever the urge strikes. The best part is you don’t have to try and fit it in with anyone else’s schedules.


A massage goes beyond just a relaxing experience. There are actually multiple health benefits for getting massaged regularly. Many people can assume that massage therapy is usually related to sports or fitness injuries. Massage therapy can also alleviate anxiety, headaches and stress related pain. While also being effective for deeper health issue, studies have shown that massage can regulate blood pressure and speed up recovery. Not only will you be having a relaxing experience, you are essentially improving your quality of life.


You have read all the benefits of purchasing a massage chair and have finally decided to commit to a purchase. You open and see that there are tons of chair so choose from. No need to panic, we will now break down all the features for you. This way you can decide what is most important for your specific massage chair needs.

Does This Chair Fit Me

The first thing you’re going to look at when you get to massage chair planet is most likely price. The first thing you should really look at is if the chair will fit your body shape. If the chair has a max height limit of 5” shorter than you, it isn’t going to work well at all. If you have a rather small build and the chair is designed for a larger shape, you are also not going to get a full massage experience. Each chair we list has height and weight specifications included. We also cover body size to chair comfort in many of our reviews. If you are still concerned about fitting properly in a chair, we will be more than happy to talk with you directly, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

2D, 3D or 4D Massage Rollers

Now that we have you sitting comfortably in a chair, it is time to decide on the intensity that you are looking for. 4D rollers are going to give you a deep tissue massage. This may sound okay in theory but can be very intense for a casual user. 4D rollers can turn and hit different angles that 3D rollers will not be able to focus on. The intensity of the massage remains the same in the 3D and 4D options. A casual user, or someone that is not looking for deep programs would be best with a massage chair that has a 2D system. Many massage chairs can be adjusted via the remote to control the intensity of the massage. This feature can normally make a 4D or 3D less intense, but not make 2D more intense than its capabilities.

Massage Track

There are two massage track styles. Some newer chairs are starting to combine both of these tracks, but those chairs come with a price for this combined feature. The basic track design is the S-Track. The S-Track will follow the curvature of the spine. This will focus on various areas of your back. The L-Track takes everything that the S-Track will do and pushes it a little bit further. Instead of the rollers stopping at your shoulders it will continue up into your neck. The same occurs with the rollers at the bottom of your body, rolling down into your glutes. This is another feature that some people may love and others may not like. Price does play a part when it comes to massage track. The S-Track model chairs are cheaper than majority of the L-Track chairs.

Zero Gravity Recline

Almost all of the massage chairs on the market recline. Not all of them recline into a zero gravity position. This position is achieved when your legs are level with your heart. The purpose of this position is to alleviate the stress on your joints and put all of your body weight on the back of the chair. A more relaxing, deeper, full body massage can then be achieved as your body is in optimal position to receive the massage program you have decide on. Some chairs have one zero gravity option, and others may have 2 positions available.

Foot Massage

The foot massage in a massage chair can vary quite a bit. Some chairs may offer a basic massage, while others can include a calf massage as well. If your feet are a big reason for your massage chair purchase you will want to look for a chair that has a reflexology feature. This will have a heavy focus on the foot massager and normally have more features or benefits in that area. Researching what rollers are in the foot massage and the locations that they will reach can also be very important. This is something that we pay attention to in our reviews of the massage chairs. If you are not looking to have the foot rollers be a focus of your massage, don’t let the features scare you away from a chair. The foot massage options can be turned off by the remote.

How much space do you need?

You have decided on a chair and you’re ready to get it home as soon as possible. You position the chair right next to the wall and find out that you can’t recline it all the way. You then have to move the chair into a better position, which takes it away from where you wanted to put it. The amount of inches a chair needs behind it to recline varies some can be quite high. Space is an issue that is now being addressed more and more in massage chairs, and some manufactures have even gotten the number as low as a 4” requirement behind the chair. This may not be an issue that comes up, but if you have a specific location that you want to place a chair in, you can easily check the space requirements in our massage chair specifications.


The warranty of the chair usually covers similar parts and labor, but the length of the warranty tends to vary from chair maker to chair maker. Many warranties can be extended up to five years, but may incur an additional cost while sometimes it can be included for free. Make sure to call and inquire about an extended warranty option.

Welcome to Relaxation!

We hope that you are now completely comfortable and relaxed about your decision to purchase a new massage chair. If there is anything that you are still concerned about give us a call at 1-888-220-4068. We would love to help you decide on which chair is right for you and make your purchase the easiest decision that you have made.

Before you go to find your chair…