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When you want a top-quality product that you can trust, when you want service and care you can trust from inception to well after your purchase, you want Furniture for Life.

As the controlling company of several of your favorite brands, including Ohco, Panasonic, Positive Posture, and BodyFriend, Furniture for Life is business you can trust to bring you massage chair that you can depend on for years to come.

At FFL Massage Comes First.

After speaking with the CEO Cliff Levin and touring their offices in Boulder, CO, we were beyond wowed with this dedication to innovation and wellness. And among all the fantastic features you can find in their massage chairs, the ultimate, most important aspect to any massage chair that you purchase from FFL is the massage itself.

You purchase a massage chair to get a massage, and you purchase a high-quality massage chair to get an incredible massage. Furniture for Life firmly believes that every chair that carries their seal of approval must provide each and every user with a massage experience that leaves nothing to be desired.

It is at the core of the development philosophy. When they built the M.8 Line it was with massage and relaxation at the core of its construction. When Panasonic put out the MAJ7 it was designed to provide one of the most intense and accurate deep tissue massages possible. 

And it delivers! 

Every detail of every chair that FFL put their stamp of approval on has been meticulously crafted to perform at peak levels. And, if there are any issues their support team is among the best we've ever dealt with. They have qualified technicians ready to guide you through the programs and can handle most issues within two weeks.

MassageChairPlanet.Com Visits  FFL Headquarters in Boulder, CO

We love working with Furniture for Life, and as a wonderful benefit to the relationship we've created, we were invited out to FFL Headquarters to interview and visit with CEO and Founder, Cliff Levin. The following are his incredible answers to the questions we asked him during that trip:

When you want the best, you want Furniture for Life.


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