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Panasonic EP-MA70KX Real Pro Ultra Ivory Massage Chair
Panasonic EP-MA70KX Real Pro Ultra Ivory Massage Chair Panasonic EP-MA70KX Real Pro Ultra Ivory Massage Chair Panasonic EP-MA70KX Real Pro Ultra Ivory Massage Chair

Panasonic EP-MA70KX Real Pro Ultra Ivory Massage Chair


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Panasonic EP-MA70KX Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair

Imagine you're at the spa, in a luxury resort, lying on a massage table receiving a hot stone massage in one of the most relaxing environments you have ever visited. This is the feeling that the Panasonic EP-MA70 massage chair is designed to recreate while still providing flexibility to cater to a wide range of massage preferences.The combination of heated ceramic rollers designed into the 3D massage heads is designed to recreate the feeling of a hot stone massage, and loosen up those tight muscles so you get even more of a positive benefit from your massage. Add to that a 31” S-track and computer body scanning technology you have a recipe for an incredible massage and deep relaxation. With such a longer track, the EP-MA70 can also cater to a larger selection of people, ranging in height from 4’8” to 6’3” with a uniform, and personalized massage for each member of your family.

Panasonic massage chairs are the first massage chairs to be approved by the largest professional association of chiropractic doctors in the world. This was actually the first endorsement given by the ACA in recognition of the numerous health benefits of regular massage and the effects of regular deep-tissue massage relief. As you already know massage can help relax muscles in the back creating an ideal state for a chiropractic adjustment.


Product Features

Heated Massage Heads

The massage rollers have been designed with built-in ceramic heaters to deliver heat therapy everywhere the roller can reach. This feature is truly unique to the EP-MA70 and is the highlight feature of its "hot stone" massage experience. A typical massage chair usually provides heat by using stationary heating pads, which can only provide heat to specific areas whereas these massage rollers provide heat to every muscle they massage, which includes your entire back!

31” Massage Roller Stroke & Extendable Ottoman

This longer massage stroke, when combined with the extendable ottoman, allows the EP-MA70 cater to a wider range of users. Anyone from 4’8” to 6’2” in height can now receive a catered massage from this massage chair. This also allows the chair to access additional parts of your back, like the upper shoulder and lower back that would have previously gone without attention.

Hand & Arm Massage

The armrests of this massage chair raise up to reveal arm massagers that gently knead the arms and hands to help relax and relieve stress in those areas. The armrests also adjust to your arms and hands even when lying down to maximize comfort and provide a quality massage whether you are sitting up or in the reclined position.

Moving Armrests

This is a feature that most massage chairs don’t have but desperately need. In other massage chairs when you recline back to receive your massage (like the zero gravity position), the arm massagers don’t recline with you, so what ends up happening is your hands slide back in the arms rests and are no longer positioned correctly to receive your arm massage the way it was intended. The EP-MA70 Real Pro Ultra corrects this. As you recline, the arm rests recline with you to ensure they stay at the most optimum angle so that your arms still receive their massage in the way that it was intended.

3D Massage Roller Technology

The EP-MA70 was designed with 3D massage roller technology in the back massagers. This innovation allows the rollers to protrude from the backrest about 8cm and massage deeper tissue for a stronger and more relaxing massage. Like many of the other features within this massage chair, the 3D massage is adjustable so you can find the right intensity level to match your preferences.

Grasping Massage Technique

New to the Real Pro Ultra line of massage chairs, grasping is an exciting innovation that allows the EP-MA70 to massage areas that were previously neglected or hard to reach. Using the 3D Massage technology the massage rollers can reach over the top of the shoulder to simulate a real shoulder massage experience you would receive from live person. Thanks to the grasping massage technique, your massage now reaches parts of the neck and shoulders that previously would have gone without.

Elaborate Airbag Massage System

33 airbags strategically placed throughout the massage chair work together and in tandem with the massage rollers in the back rest to provide a relaxing full body massage experience. With the addition of the airbag system the massage chair can help you stretch and relax problem areas through the body, like in the hip, thigh, and hamstrings. It can also help with your pelvic tilt. The airbags also provide a compression massage to your thighs, hips, legs, feet and arms, which is a great supplementary feature to the back massager.

Foot Massage

Airbags in the foot rest squeeze the feet onto a reflexology plate that stimulates acupressure points in the sole of your foot. The airbags inflate in an alternating fashion to move your foot back and forth across the plate to simulate a realistic massage experience.

Calf Massage

Airbags gently squeeze both sides of the calves, loosening muscles and increasing circulation. The airbags in the legs can also grip the legs and provide a stretch to the legs and hips.

Hip & Thigh Massage

Airbags around the waist and thighs relax your core and press you up against the back rollers to make the lower back massage more effective.

Vocal Guidance System

The vocal guidance system of the Panasonic EP-MA70 is a great way to start your first few massages, if you are unsure what each program does and want to learn more about each routine so you have a better idea which is right for you. As the massage progresses, the guidance system will tell you what massage style it's using, and where, and where you should be feeling your massage.

Massage Programs

The EP-MA70 massage chair comes with 6 automatic programs that can be combined to create the ultimate personalized massage experience, including Invigorating Massage, Intense Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Hip Massage, Neck & Shoulder Massage, and Lower Back Massage.

Massage Styles

As well as Manual Modes such as Ultra Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Regular Massage, Swedish Massage, Roller Massage, and Tapping Massage. With so many choices it can be difficult to determine which program is right for you, that is why the EP-MA70 massage chair comes equipped with a voice guidance system. After a short tutorial, you will have no doubt which massage program is right for you. You are also able to save your favorite mode, so you have easy access to it whenever you have time for a massage! Everything about the design and features of this massage chair is intended to provide you with one thing. A relaxing, and convenient massage experience. Create and save up to 3 personalized manual programs so you have your favorite massage routine available at the push of a button. With three memory slots, everyone in the house can have their own massage program ready at a moments notice.

Exclusive to Panasonic Massage Chairs “Junetsu”

The Junetsu massage technique is exclusive to Panasonic massage chairs and is characterized by the tight spiral motions that start in the shoulder and work outward. This spiral motion allows the massage head to penetrate much deeper into the muscle making it the perfect style for shoulder and neck pain.

Rotatable Ottoman

The ottoman on the EP-MA70 can be rotated into the massage chair to hide the foot massagers and transform its look into a stylish recliner. For those that don't like their feet massaged, this feature is ideal because it still allows you all the beneficial effects of the back massage and airbag massage on your arms and hips, without the discomfort of the foot massage. With increased functionality comes increased personalization potential making this an ideal massage chair for the whole home.

Suggested User Height Range 4"2 - 6"2 Manufacturer Panasonic
Massage Roller Type 3D Made In China
Massage Track Length 31" Massage Track S-track
Roller Width Adjustment Yes Roller Glute Massage No
Massage Speed Adjustment Yes Roller Intensity Adjustment Yes
Removable Back Pad Yes Body Scan Technology Yes
Foot Rollers No Recline Automatic
Zero Gravity No Inversion Therapy No
Auto Programs 6 Stretch Program Yes
Deep Tissue Massage Yes Manual Programs Yes
Massage Techiniques 6 Hideaway Ottoman Yes
Spot/Partial Massage No Memory Setting No
Vibration No Heat Lumbar
Total Airbags 33 Air Bag Intensity Yes
Ottoman Length Adjustment Automatic Upholstery Synthetic Leather
Timer Setting 5-30 Mins Number of Motors 8
Chromotherapy No MP3 Player Yes
Dimensions (Upright) 45"L x 37"W x 48"H Dimensions (Recline) 26"L x 37"W x 79"H
Massage Chair Weight 191 lbs Shipping Weight 218 lbs


Panasonic Massage Chair Manufacturer’s Warranty

Most massage chair manufacturers offer a 3 year limited warranty on their products from the date of purchase. Panasonic offers a 5 year limited warranty that covers labor for the first 3 years and parts for a total of 5 years. This is in-home service, where a qualified technician will come out to your home and make any necessary repairs without you having to transport your chair to an authorized repair facility. Only parts are covered for the remaining two years of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Optional 5-Year Extended Warranty Add-on

Massage Chair Planet offers an optional 5-year extended warranty add-on package that covers you for parts and labor for a full 5-years with included in-home service. Go above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty and protect your investment. This is easily the best value when it comes to your warranty options.

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