Osaki OS-4000t vs. Cozzia 16027

We maintain strict editorial integrity in our writing and assessments. Our main goal with this comparison is to educate the consumer and present the pros and cons of each massage chair to allow them to make the best purchase decision.

Comparing two massage chairs can definitely help a consumer choose the right massage chair for themselves and their family. The Osaki OS-4000t and the Cozzia 16027 are two good massage chairs with a lot of similarities including the price. But while comparing the two we did find some major differences.

Osaki OS-4000t vs. Cozzia 16027 Massage Chair Comparison

How important is it for you to get your arms and shoulders massaged? Do you like foot massages? These are important questions to answer when comparing these two massage chairs.

How They Look

Aesthetically, you will notice the shapes of the two massage chairs are similar. But there are three prominent differences in the two chairs. The Osaki 4000t has shoulder airbags that when you sit in the chair, your shoulders will fit alongside. Another difference in the two massage chairs is the OS-4000t has airbags that will massage your arms. The Cozzia 16027 does not. It comes with just a standard armrest. The last thing that makes these two chairs differ is the color schemes. The OS-4000t comes in black, brown, charcoal and cream, while the 16027 only comes in black and brown.


What They Have in Common

Mechanically, if you are looking for a massage chair that provides versatile massages you will not be disappointed with either of these massage chairs. These two chairs offer two stage zero gravity technology, allowing you to lie in a reclined position while the massage is happening. Also both have airbag massage systems that use compression massage. The compression massage technology is used to massage the limbs and complement the back massage.

While comparing these chairs, I found that both models have mini-wireless remotes that make it easier to modify the massage session when reclined.

Major Differences

The major differences between the two chairs are very noticeable during the massage. The Osaki 4000t comes with heat therapy. There are two heating pads in the lower lumbar region of the backrest to help give heat to tight and sore muscles of the back. The Cozzia 16027 does not provide heat therapy.

Another difference between the two systems is the number of airbags and where they are located within the chair. The OS-4000t has 48 airbags while the 16027 has 36; most are focused on the lower body. The Cozzia 16027 is more focused on Shiatsu massage than the OS-4000t which has programs that focus on different massage styles. Another significant difference is the airbag technology. The Cozzia does not offer shoulder, arm or foot massage. The OS-4000t has the ability to give compression massage to your shoulders, the arms and it has foot massage rollers that ensure your massage is truly from the head-to-toe.

The Cozzia 16027 is offered with a free five-year warranty with in-home service for parts and labor provided for all five years. The Osaki only offers three years limited manufacturer’s warranty, which only covered parts and labor for one year with in home service. You can purchase the same five-year warranty for the Osaki OS-4000t for an additional $239.


In conclusion, you can see the Osaki OS-4000t offers you a complete massage experience hitting more key areas of the body. While Cozzia offers a better warranty program with fewer bells and whistles.

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